• Chris Holmes
    Associate Professor and Chair - Postcolonial and Anglophone Literature, Theories of World Literature, The Contemporary Novel
  • Derek Adams
    Associate Professor - African American Literature
  • Kasia Bartoszynska 
    Assistant Professor - 18th and 19th Century British and World Literatures
  • Alexis Becker
    Assistant Professor - Medieval Literature
  • Elizabeth Bleicher
    Associate Professor - First-year Student Experience; 19C British Literature; English Education; Revaluing Liberal Education; Faculty-student collaboration in Humanities; Failure and Resilience Studies
  • Dan Breen
    Associate Professor - Late Medieval and Renaissance Literature
  • Kenesha Chatman
    Administrative Assistant
  • Hugh Egan
    Professor - American literature, especially 19th century prose and poetry
  • Julie Fromer
    Lecturer - Nineteenth-Century British Literature
  • Claire Gleitman
    Professor and Women's and Gender Studies Coordinator - Dramatic Literature: Modern and Contemporary American, Irish and World Drama
  • Paul Hansom
    Assistant Professor
  • Christine Kitano
    Assistant Professor - Creative Writing, 20th-21st Century American Poetry, Asian American Literature
  • Katharine Kittredge
    Professor - 18th Century British Literature, Gender and Children's Literature, Young Adult Literature, Fantasy and Science Fiction
  • David Kramer
    Assistant Professor - Renaissance; Drama; Shakespeare; Contemporary Novel; Origins of the Novel
  • Christopher Matusiak
    Associate Professor - Shakespeare, Early English Theater History, Renaissance Literature
  • Kevin Murphy
    Professor - American Poetry and Modern Irish Literature
  • Jennifer Spitzer
    Associate Professor - Late 19th and 20th-Century Literature; Transatlantic Modernism; Gender and Sexuality
  • James Swafford
    Associate Professor Emeritus - Nineteenth-century English literature
  • Michael Twomey
    Dana Professor Emeritus - Medieval Literature, the Bible, the English language, Latin