2020 - 2021 Senate Officers

Please get in touch with any of us to share concerns and issues you believe the Senate should take up.

President: Claire Gleitman
Vice President: Kelley Sullivan 
Secretary: Hugh Egan
At-large Executive Committee members:

Chrystyna Dail
Emilie Wiesner 

2020-2021 Senate Members

Fine Arts

2018-2021: Wendy Dann, Theatre Arts, wdann@ithaca.edu

2019-2022: Chrystyna Dail, Theatre Arts, cdail@Ithaca.edu

2020-2023: Jennifer Jolly, Art History, jjolly@ithaca.edu


2019-2021: Marella Feltrin-Morris, Modern Languages and Literature, mfeltrinmorris@ithaca.edu

2019-2022: Claire Gleitman, English, gleitman@Ithaca.edu

2020-2023: Michael Smith, History/ENVS, mismith@ithaca.edu


2018-2021: Emilie Wiesner, Math, eweisner@ithaca.edu

2019-2022: Kelley Sullivan, Physics, kdsullivan@Ithaca.edu

2020-2023:  Jerome Fung, Physics, jfung@ithaca.edu

Social Sciences

2018-2021: Jennifer Tennant, Economics, jtennant@ithaca.edu

2020-2023: Peter Martin, Education, pmartin@ithaca.edu 

At Large

2018-2021: Rebecca Plante, Sociology, rplante@ithaca.edu

2019-2022: Hugh Egan, English, eganh@Ithaca.edu

2020-2023: Dara Engler, Art, dengler@ithaca.edu