"While studying at the Ithaca College London Center I had the opportunity of a lifetime. Aside from taking classes and traveling as most study abroad students do, I interned at the House of Lords. Although I spent most of my time researching the life of Lord Foulkes of Cumnock, my internship was a full immersion into British and European politics. I saw live debates, met the higher-ups in British government, and became aware of the importance of international law. After London, I continued on to do an internship in Congressman Adam Smith’s district office. I am also volunteering at a family law firm. Throughout my internships I have learned that understanding the basics of law can translate into any language or culture. Without the skills I acquired in Legal Studies classes, especially Law I, Law II, and Legal Research, I would have had a much more difficult time in these positions. "

Anna Bulley

"While at Ithaca College I solidified my decision to attend law school by taking advance of Ithaca College’s Semester in Washington Program. During the spring semester of my junior year, I went to Washington DC to intern at the Corporation Counsel’s Office. I worked in the criminal division, specifically in the juvenile section, under the supervision of two attorneys. At the beginning of the semester I mostly helped to organize court files for respondents, sat in on interviews and preparations of witnesses and police officers. As the semester continued I began to get more involved and started to help in drafting motions, preparing subpoenas and requesting evidence. There were even opportunities to attend autopsies at the DC Medical Examiner’s office, watch ballistic testing on fire arms, take part in ride along with police officers and observe interviews with child abuse victims. Although the majority of the opportunities were not pleasant in nature, they nevertheless represent the real world and what lawyers and those involved in such cases need to see and know. My experience in DC was beneficial for that very reason: I was able to see what really happens, and despite the negativity and sadness of the situations, I still felt that I wanted to go to law school. The Washington Semester program made my final decision to apply to law school."

Quinn Morris