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Students of religion cultivate critical reading, writing, and thinking skills highly valued by graduate schools and employers, while exploring one of the most pervasive, persistent, and influential aspects of human life.
Religious Studies, B.A.
Discover the undergraduate major and the degree requirements.
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Religious Studies Minor
A minor in Religious Studies is also an option.
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Religion impacts the lives of billions of people around the globe. Whether one ascribes to a particular belief system or not, it is impossible to deny religion's contribution to the cultures, ideals, and moral values that have shaped human societies for millennia.

Students enrolled in our classes develop skills needed to critically engage with issues of religious difference and cultivate an appreciation for the ways in which religion pervades virtually every aspect of contemporary life. They also explore religion's many intersections with other modes of identity, including gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity, as well as issues of social justice and environmental sustainability. The academic study of religion empowers students to succeed in a wide range of careers, preparing them to become global citizens and conscious community partners.