Students who minor in religious studies will be assigned an adviser from the department to help them select courses that reflect their interests. A minor is eighteen credits. Six of those credits must be taken at the 300-level or above. Three credits consist of the RLST Capstone. Our minor intentionally offer students the opportunity to design a course of study that reflects their interests.

Student Research Highlights

In April 2019, several Religious Studies students were selected to present research papers at the Eastern International Regional Meeting of the American Academy of Religion in Montreal, Canada, as part of a panel on "Race, Religion, and the Politics of Healing in America".

Gabriel Malheiros Marques Fernandes delivered a paper entitled "Umbanda, Racialization and Identity Formation in Brazil and the United States". Gabriel (class of '21) plans to get a multidisciplinary master's degree in the cultural and political integration of Latin America, focusing on the role of nation-states in redirecting and reinterpreting popular demands. He is an assiduous supporter of Afro-diasporic religions. 

Aryanna Myles (class of '19) delivered a paper entitled "The Effectiveness of Chaplaincy in the American Prison System". Aryanna has recently been accepted into the Urban Teachers Program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education. While she earns her master's in Educational Studies, Aryanna will learn the ins and outs of what it takes to become a good educator that is committed to equity and inclusivity and build skills in leadership that will not only empower herself but the people around her as well.

Last but not least, Emma Fleisig (class of '21) presented a paper entitled "Jewish Perspectives on and Involvement in the Civil Rights Movement". Emma is interested in the history of the systematic and institutionalized oppression of culturally, economically, and racially marginalized groups in society.