2007 Academic Symposium

In 2007, an outstanding panel of four students represented the Department of Philosophy and Religion
at the Whalen Symposium. Three students, Andrew Chapman, Tyson Pease, and Ilana Berman, were awarded
the Philosophy and Religion Paper Competition Award—competing with other majors and minors to
earn their spots on the panel.

The fourth presenter, Nicholas Graziade, is the recipient of the Fred L. Emerson Humanities
Collaboration Award for his work with Prof. Ashby Butnor on their project, Studies in Embodied Ethics.

Convener for Philosophy & Religion: Ashby Butnor


Andrew Chapman, “An Examination of the Problem of Evil”

Faculty Sponsor: Rick Kaufman

Tyson Pease, “The Usefulness of ‘Oppression’”

Faculty Sponsor: Craig Duncan

Ilana Berman, “Sexuality and the Self: Exploring Self-Knowledge through a
Feminist Lens”

Faculty Sponsor: Brendan Murday

Nicholas Graziade, “The Ravaged Body: The Value of the Perception of

Faculty Sponsor: Ashby Butnor

2007 student presenters and their sponsors

l-r, Nicholas Graziade, Professor Ashby Butnor, Professor Craig Duncan, Tyson Pease, Professor Rick Kaufman, Andrew Chapman, Ilana Berman, and Professor Brendan Murday