PHIL-20300 Introduction to Logic

[I found] learning how to do proofs and thinking logically about difficult problems [to be most educationally valuable about this course.]

I like the way the problems make you think.

The algebra like nature of the material and the analysis of arguments used were massively helpful in understanding and creating arguments.

Formal logic dramatically and immediately impacts the way . . . one thinks about the world around him.

For me, [I found] the value of clarity [to be most educationally valuable about this course.] The instructor, as well as the subject of logic, illustrated the importance of good old-fashioned, well-articulated speaking, teaching, conversing and thinking. As an English major, such objectivity was refreshing.

It has provided me with a greater understanding of logic and sentence structure. I now know more about deconstructing a statement or an argument to determine its validity.

This course influenced me to think logically and break arguments down to better understand them. It really exercised part of my brain that I hadn’t used in a while; math.

I feel like it has helped me understand the English language better.

It taught me a new way of logically telling if a sentence/argument is true or false, which is important.

I can apply what I learned to other classes as well as [to] arguments that I encounter in life. I feel that I learned a lot in this course.

[I found] its helpfulness in coming to conclusions about everyday issues [to be most educationally valuable about this course.]

Constructing arguments is much easier now. I can apply it to my life.

[I found] making sensible arguments that are supported [to be most educationally valuable about this course.]

I have learned how to evaluate arguments based on their validity and soundness.

I learned a new language, and I now have the power to logically prove or disprove my friend’s argument.