RLST-10600 Introduction to World Religions: Western and Modern

I found that the connection between religion and our society very valuable. It’s something that is taken for granted today and learning about religions can make a person more culturally aware of their surroundings.

It brings religion back into intellectual discourse, which gives much insight into other aspects of education, and other people and cultures, nurturing a society not just of toleration, but of acceptance and understanding.

[I found] the way everything is connected and the same theme of identities and perspectives [is] maintained and discussed continually [to be most educationally valuable about this course.] It gave me a new perspective on religion in general.

I found the entire course valuable. It made me open my eyes to different ideas and approaches, to looking at the world and breaking down texts.

I think that it was very valuable to relate the founding of Western religions to modern culture. When individuals realize that class topics are applicable to their lives, I feel that they learn and retain more from the course.

It was very interesting to learn the history and relationship between these religions. Especially Islam and Judaism—I knew nothing about them before.

What I found most educationally valuable was the breakdown and analysis of three major religions and also how they relate to one another.

I found learning about these religions to be the most valuable thing I took from this course. I previously did not know much about Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, so this was very helpful.

Learning about other religions helps me understand why a particular religion does things and how they connect.

 [I found] understanding and discussing modern changes in religion [to be most educationally valuable about this course.]

[I found] ability to understand multiple cultures and their background [to be most educationally valuable about this course.]