RLST-20200 Religion and Society

I learned a lot about race/ethnicity, things I did not previously encounter with such critical thinking.

It connected my understanding of civil rights with the role of religion.

[I found] that I was able to broaden my perspective on religion [to be most educationally valuable about this course.] This course showed me how religion can be used positively and negatively, giving me a better sense on people’s beliefs.

I felt like the best part of the class was being able to hear my classmates’ thought on the issues we were reading about. I learned a lot about my peers.

This class went above and beyond my expectations. I found a new love for being open to new ideas and religions.

I think it’s super valuable to get a bunch of students from different and often opposing views in the same room to talk about the things that are taboo to discuss in the public and professional world. These things are important to society and are often, sadly, left undiscussed.

I learned more about my own beliefs and the rate that religion plays in many aspects of life. This course also forced me to think in more depth about concepts and beliefs that I’ve never really thought about.