RLST-25200 Introduction to Mysticism

Life-changing class.

This course has been helpful in finding and understanding spiritual perceptions of the world. I have gained a better understanding of life, society, and even politics. There are lessons in this course that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Our class discussions related to the readings and our own personal experiences very well. Although I did not speak much in the class, I was always thinking, and I feel like some of my deepest learning took place during these discussions.

This class definitely broadened my thoughts on spirituality, religion, and mysticism and really warmed me up to having an open discussion on these topics. I learned so much about cultures and topics I didn’t know a lot about and am excited to learn more. This class wasn’t just educationally valuable but I’ll definitely take the knowledge and things I absorbed and realized about myself into other aspects of my life.

Instead of looking at specific examples within various sects of mysticism, we explored theories that are relevant to all kinds of cultures and identities worldwide and why that is important to an individual’s sense of self.