CMTS Video 1 - Project Overview for Department Representatives


To understand the role of the Department Representative and the CMTS Project

Time Commitment

Less than 30 minutes


  1. Watch Video 1 – Project Overview for Department Representatives.
  2. If you were invited by the investigators to participate in the CMTS study, gain access to the CMTS Primary Tool by clicking on the Qualtrics link in the email you received. If you are accessing the CMTS on your own initiative, click on the link below you will have access to the CMTS Primary Tool. The Primary Tool will guide your progress, record your decisions, and generate a custom report for your department.


***IMPORTANT – Bookmark your Qualtrics link to the CMTS Primary Tool. You will need to access it later as your work progresses***

  1.  In the Qualtrics CMTS Primary Tool, enter information about your program (18 questions). At a future date you will receive a report on comparisons across institutions. The answers you provide here will help you compare your department to other similar departments. If you are not very familiar with your department’s course scheduling and staffing arrangements, it would be helpful to work with a colleague with experience in these areas.