CMTS Video 2 – The CMTS and Your Program


To collaboratively determine your department’s level of interest in performing a curriculum self-study using the CMTS.

Time Commitment

A portion of a department meeting (perhaps 15-30 minutes) and an additional 20 minutes to log information into the Qualtrics CMTS Primary Tool.


1. Provide your colleagues access to Video 2 – The CMTS and Your Program by sharing the following link with them.

CMTS Video 2 - The CMTS and Your Program

Inform your colleagues that the video is only 5 minutes long and that you would want to gain their perspective on whether curriculum review and CMTS should be a department objective in the near future. Suggest that colleagues watch the video in advance of the meeting, but in case any member was not able to view the video, it might be helpful to watch it as a collectivity.

2. Add curriculum review as a main item on a department’s agenda. Discuss with colleagues if curriculum review is something they would want to commit to, and if so, when that review would take place. Note – the entire CMTS process can be completed within one semester.

3. If your colleagues are interested in curriculum review, suggest that the department identify a leader. This could be you, or it could be someone else. If it is someone else, as Department Representative you will want to work with any other leader(s) when logging information into the CMTS Primary Tool.

4. Log into the Qualtrics CMTS Primary Tool and answer 5 short questions.

***IMPORTANT – When logging into the Qualtrics CMTS Primary Tool, use your saved bookmark link. This enables the CMTS to build a custom report using all of the information you provide***