FALL 2024 Courses

Please see Homer, or check individual Department websites, for more detailed descriptions, and information about prerequisites.

WGST 10000: Introduction to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies [2 sections]

WGST/Religion 11900: Considering Hope

Art History 37500: Selected Topics in Art History

Biology 10210: Biology of Sex

CSCRE 23400: Black Cinema: Exploring the Black Image in Film

CSCRE 42000: Scholarship of and by Women of Color

English 18200: The Power of Injustice & the Injustice of Power

English 22100: Survey of African American Literature

*English 20485: Banned Books and Censorship Trials: Obscenity in 20th Century Literature

Health 31700: Community Health

History 14100: From the Margins: European Social History

History 38800: Revolution and Counterrevolution in the Americas

Jewish Studies 32300: Gender & Sexuality in Judaism

*Politics 35001 Selected Topics in Political Theory: Governing Gender

Religion 11900: Considering Hope

Sociology 21200: Changing Contours of Work

*Sociology 44500: Tutorial in Sexuality Research

Spanish 34000: Latin Lover: Sexuality & Gender in Literature, Film & Pop Culture

TV & Radio 22000: Global Flow of Information

TV & Radio 33500: Electronic Media Criticism

(Courses with a * will count, but due to bureaucracy glitches, don't have the WGS attribute in the system. But don't worry, they will count! Email Kasia for more info.)