Discover what makes the Ithaca College Theatre Production & Design program unique.

The bachelor of fine arts degree in theatre production and design is an intensive pre-professional program that combines conservatory-style training in theatre design and technology with a broad liberal arts education. 

Students will begin with a solid foundation in both theatre design and technology alongside skills-based courses depending upon student’s interest. Additionally, because telling stories about the human condition is both a privilege and responsibility, you will take a year-long sequence in cultural context for theatre to prepare for the work ahead.

You will then scaffold on this foundation by choosing courses in scenic design, scenic construction, properties, scenic art, costume design and technology, lighting design and technology, and sound design and technology.

Because the best way to learn is by doing - you  participate at every level in production from day 1 whether it be on a crew, leading a crew, or engineering and designing the largest of productions on our stages,  allowing you to put to practice what you learn in the studios and shops while participating and practicing the art of collaboration.

Alongside your conservatory training - we believe that undergraduates should be exposed to a broad liberal arts education.  Our integrative core curriculum challenges you to consider complex problems from multiple perspectives. Classes encourage you to think differently and help you build valuable analytical and problem-solving skills that are critical to your future success. 

Because we believe that theatre artists should study theatre from a diversity of perspectives, all programs offer courses in history, literature, performance, and production. We produce drama, musical theatre, opera, and dance. Additionally, you will have the option to spend a semester at the Ithaca College London Center while continuing to make progress towards your degree requirements.

In your final year, you will hone your advanced skills in design and technology through advanced course work and productions. You will also reflect on your studio and production work while you prepare to enter the profession and engage with our alumni and professionals through our Theatre Production and Design Seminar and during our week-long NYC Field Studies program.

Upon graduation you will join the ranks of our successful alumni whose work can be seen on Broadway and in major regional theaters, tours, and production shops, as well as in allied fields such as architecture, film, television, and industrial events.