Spend One Week Strengthening Your Professional Skills

Summer graduate workshops offer an outstanding professional development experience for educators in the field. These one-week workshops provide a variety of educational experiences each year and may be taken by degree students or non-degree students, for credit or not for credit.

The workshops occur in the week preceding the five-week graduate music summer session. Workshops offering students in the summer music education degree program an opportunity to earn credits outside of the regular summer session. Up to five credits from workshops may be applied toward a master's degree.

Tuition and Refund Policy

Workshops are open to both graduate degree students and non-degree students and may be taken for two graduate credits or on a noncredit basis. In 2023, the cost to receive two graduate credits is $1,716 per workshop, and to enroll for noncredit it is $858 per workshop. Prices for 2024 will be announced in the spring.

Workshop registration fees will be refunded if a request is received by the School of Music, Theatre and Dance no later than the end of the first day of the workshop. No refunds will be given for cancellations made after this date. 

Registration Dates

Registration opens February 15, 2024 and continues through June 20, 2024 on a space available basis. Early registration is encouraged.


Matriculated (current) IC students to register:

  • Complete the electronic registration form or print out the registration form to register but do not submit payment. You will be billed through your HOMER account.

Nondegree/extramural Students to register:

Housing and Meals

Participants can opt for on campus, residential housing, which typically include a limited meal plan. The registration for summer housing and meals is managed by Conference and Event Services (CES) and is available at this link. CES sets dates for when housing payments are due and the date by which cancellations must be received for refund, so please make sure you are aware of their deadlines which may be different than ours.

Off campus housing is available through hotels, motels, or Airbnbs that are within close proximity to the college.

Meals plans (aside from the one associated with a residential room package) are not available; however, meals may be purchased at the College's Food Court, dining hall, or off campus. The 14850 website has a comprehensive listing of Ithaca restaurants grouped by cuisine and geographic area.