Summer Housing Options

During the summer break period, many of our residence halls and on campus apartments house summer conference guests and groups as well as Ithaca College (IC) Summer Session students and student employees. Conference and Event Services manages on-campus housing eligibility and registration for all groups, as well as pricing and meal plans.

Information for Ithaca College Summer Session Student and Student Employees

  • During the summer term, on campus housing is available for IC summer students, student employees, and students with exceptional needs who are registered for housing through Conference and Event Services. Housing options are limited to 2-4 buildings. The buildings change each year due to facilities renovations and summer conference need. Student must register for summer housing 14 days prior to their arrival. To register for summer housing please complete the online Summer Housing and Meals form (available mid-spring semester).
  • Ithaca College announced that all students must obtain the COVID-19 vaccine prior to returning for the fall semester. Since you will be residing on campus this summer, we are expecting you to obtain your COVID-19 vaccination (or be in the process) prior to beginning your summer residency on campus. Once fully vaccinated, you will be exempt from ongoing COVID-19 testing and will not be required to quarantine in Emerson Hall should you be exposed to a positive case. Please make sure that you are on the Tompkins County Vaccine Registry or review our vaccine webpage and prioritize obtaining an appointment if you have not yet been vaccinated.
  • A portion of the weekly housing fee will be deposited into an ID Express account for your use for meals.  (This is not optional, all students staying on campus in a traditional residence hall are required to have this account to purchase meals.)  ID Express is a debit account that is accessed through your Ithaca College ID card.  Your ID Express account can be used at any retail location as well as at several off-campus venues including Tops grocery store.  If you would like to learn more about ID Express or make additional deposits to your account, you may do so by visiting the ID Express webpage.
  • Students who need to live on-campus for the summer, and who cannot afford the cost of summer housing, can apply for a summer housing fee waiver. Waivers will only be considered in cases of significant financial hardship. Requests will be reviewed by the Office of Student Financial Services and the Dean of Students Office. You can submit a request for a financial hardship review by completing the hardship review request form. If you have any questions you can contact Dean Bonnie Prunty at bprunty@ithaca.edu. You will be notified of the outcome of your review via email.
  • Housing assignments are done manually through the summer housing office, using information the student provided on their registration form such as requested room type and roommate. Residential Life does not run a formal housing selection process for the summer term. Students with a special accommodation will follow the same process as during the academic year; please see our Special Accommodations webpage for more info.
  • Students will check in and out of their summer housing assignment at the Summer Housing Office, located on the 1st floor lobby level of East Tower. Students will be able to check in and check out based on their registration dates. Students will be billed for any additional dates they live in their summer assignment. Failure to check out of their summer assignment on the required date may result in a $100 unauthorized presence fee.
  • Information regarding summer health and safety checks, scheduled power outages, and fire drills will be emailed to all summer students at their official IC email address and posted on signs in the summer housing buildings. All rules and regulations for the academic year are still in effect during the summer term.
    • Facilities schedules two all-day power shut-downs during the summer; one in June and one in August. Dates are available on Intercom.
  • Similar to the academic year, there are both Resident Assistants (RA) and Residence Directors (RD) on duty. Contact information is posted in each building. In case of an emergency, please contact the Office of Public Safety.
    • In the case of lockouts, between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM contact the Summer Housing Office. Outside of those hours, contact the RA on duty.
  • Please note students must be eligible and registered for summer housing to live in on campus summer housing. Students who are just requesting to stay later in their Spring semester assignment or arrive earlier to their Fall semester assignment should visit our late departure and early arrival webpages. Please note that there are no on campus storage options to leave personal belongings over the summer.

Information for Summer Guests

  • For information on what a specific building is like, please see our Residence Halls to learn more.
  • Amenities provided in each residence hall room or apartment are specific to each conference or group, and is agreed upon between the event planner and the conference group leadership. Standard college linens are provided (a pillow, sheet set, pillowcase, blanket, and towel set). Please plan to bring items such as hair dryers, clothes hangers, television sets, coffee makers, pots and pans, cooking utensils, etc. if needed, as they are not provided.
  • For information on the TCAT bus system, please see www.tcatbus.com.
  • For specific questions regarding fitness center passes, outdoor pool availability, and more please contact Conference and Event Services.
  • All guests are expected to adhere to the residence hall rules & regulations and health and safety policies.

Summer Housing Office Information

The Summer Housing Office has relocated to the East Tower until August 13, 2022. 

Summer Housing Office Hours
9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, seven days a week.

Summer Housing Office Mailing Address
Ithaca College
c/o Summer Housing Office
953 Danby Road, Ithaca, NY 14850

Please note that if you are mailing keys and/or fobs they must be mailed in a secure, padded envelope and must be received by the Summer Housing Office within seven days of your check-out date. If the keys and/or fobs are not received within this time frame, the individual or conference group will be billed for the cost of a lock change and replacement keys and/or fobs.