Having Trouble Viewing?

You should be able to view live streams and recorded videos without installing any additional software.  If you are experiencing any issues watching this video, then please check the following:

Internet Connection Speed

  • You can only watch a live stream if you have a consistent internet connection.
  • Shared wi-fi networks, like what you might find at a coffee shop, are often too unreliable to view a live stream without interruption.
  • We recommend viewing on the best possible connection you can find.
  • We recommend viewing from a wired connection with a download bandwidth of at least 700Kbps. As a general rule your download bandwidth must be greater than the bitrate of the channel you’re trying to view - 700kbps.

To test your speed, go to www.speedtest.net. Bandwidth fluctuates constantly, so running 3 tests is recommended. 

Mobile Devices

  • This stream is mobile device compatible and works on most devices, however we do not recommend viewing with a wireless connection. 
  • If you must use wireless, then you will need a high-speed connection that is consistently greater than 700kbps.
  • Remember that wireless connections fluctuate and you may experience breakups in the video. 
  • Use Wi-Fi rather than 3G or 4G connection whenever possible.
  • Do not use private browsing mode on Safari on iOS.

Update your Flash Player

Update your Browser

  • We recommend viewing on an up-to-date version of Firefox or Chrome or Safari.  You may need to update your browser.

Other possibilities

  • There could be many reasons why you are experiencing issues when viewing our concerts.
  • We have built a guided help section that provides solutions for the most common issues that our viewers experience.
  • If your issue is not addressed in either guide, please email us at somvideo@ithaca.edu and we will see what we can do to help you. We'll also add it to the guide to help other users in the future.