Filming Tips

  • Find a space where you have enough room. Take care to move items that might impede your creative exploration. 

  • Ensure the camera portion of your device is at eye level. This way the camera can record you the way others see you. You can use a tripod (at least 60 inches tall) built for a smart phone or tablet. If you do not have a tripod, consider using a stack of books on a desk or box. Filming in “landscape” (horizontally) is always preferable, but not required.

  • Do your best to find a space that is free of visual distractions. Solid colored walls are ideal, but any background that does not steal the focus from your performance is desired.

  • Take care that your space allows for adequate lighting. Do not have a lamp or window directly behind you as it will cast a shadow over your face. Keep the lighting source behind your recording device or to the side of you so that your face is lit.

  • Choose comfortable clothing with little-to-no stripes or patterns.

  • Try not to obsess over a little mistake – we’re all human. Do a couple of takes and choose the one to upload. Make sure the sound quality is good and watch your videos all the way through before you upload them.

  • Keep the upload process simple. There is no need to add captions or graphics.