Virtual Audition and Interview Tips

  • Before your audition or interview day, make sure you have installed/updated Zoom. For more information, please see here

  • Just as we would suggest before a typical audition or interview day, we recommend setting up a mock trial to simulate the experience of a virtual audition or interview. Ask a teacher, family member, or friend to listen to you play over Zoom to give you feedback about the audio quality. This will make you feel more prepared for the audition or interview day!

  • While this is a formal audition or interview, at IC we make sure that this is a friendly and welcoming process. When it is your audition or interview time and you enter the Zoom room, please make sure that you can hear the faculty and that the faculty can hear you clearly before you begin. You are allowed (and encouraged) to greet the faculty in your audition room once you enter.

  • During your audition or interview, please note that you may be asked to back up slightly from the camera so that faculty can see you better.

  • Remember, we want you to succeed! We are excited to meet you and want you to do your very best!