Our Equipment

The Whalen Center performance, lecture, and rehearsal halls are equipped with Neumann and Sennheiser microphones, Benchmark microphone pre-amplifiers and analog-to-digital converters. The 24 bit files are simultaneously recorded into a Digital Audio Workstation and directly onto Flash Media for backup purposes.

The high-resolution files reside in our Data Archives, in addition to hard copies that are in CD form for future use in numerous contexts.

The Borg Warner Control Room features a new 48 channel Solid State Logic DUALITY Hybrid Analog Mixing console / Digital Audio Workstation controller, a Studer A-827 2" 24-Track Tape Machine, and Barefoot Sound MicroMain 27 monitors.

The room also boasts classic tube and legacy solid-state outboard equipment from the leading audio manufacturers in the field including ManleyBricasti Designs, GRACE DesignAPI, Neve, Dangerous Music, RME, Universal Audio, Empirical Labs, White, Orban, TC Electronics, Lexicon, dbx, Marantz, Tascam, SPL, and Hear Technologies.

5.1 Surround Sound monitoring systems by NHT pro, and stereo monitors from PMCGenelec, Dynaudio, and JBL. Headphones are from SONY, Alessandro Music, and Sennheiser.

Concert Hall sound reinforcement is provided on AVID Venue SC48 Digital feeding a 30,000 watt McCauley Line Array system that rivals any installation in the region.

The sound recording technology program also housees a microphone locker that would make most commercial facilities envious.

Our 15+ Digital Audio Workstations are well matched for recording, mixing, editing, sound design, scoring, composition, and post production. State of the art software and hardware is kept up to date with the latest releases via AVID Learning Partner Program, McDSP Education Program, M-Audio, MOTU, Celemony, and iZotope.