Recording Session Request Form

  • Use this form for non-academic recording requests.
  • Before submitting this form, schedule a venue for this session via 25Live
  • Once you have received confirmation from the Concert Manager (Erik Kibelsbeck),
  • Please submit this form at least TWO WEEKS prior to your session.
  • Then, complete this form, calculate payment,  print out the confirmation email, attach cash, check, or money order in an envelope, and place in the mail slot of Whalen room #4104.
  • or, mail to Recording Services / Ithaca College / School of Music / 953 Danby Road, Ithaca, NY 14850-7000.
  • Requests without payment cannot be processed.
  • No materials will be released until full payment is made.
  • Make checks and money orders payable to Ithaca College.

ITHACA COLLEGE Recording Services is not responsible for any digital data not backed up to a client-supplied Hard Drive by the end of the semester.

For your protection, please make safety copies before you leave us.      

ITHACA COLLEGE Recording Services does not assume any liability whatsoever for loss or damage to any clients' property, including data, equipment, speakers, instruments, and hard drives. This includes data integrity of hard drives, cloud storage, or removable media released to the client or that leave the Whalen Center in working order.