• Tutoring a wide range of students, including international and graduate students, from across the college, approximately 10 hours a week, to help them gain independence as writers
  • Maintaining the Writing Center as a welcoming and inclusive space for all
  • Visiting classes to promote use of the Writing Center


  • Solid academic standing and strong writing abilities, particularly in expository genres
  • Successful completion of either Academic Writing I; Inquiry, Research, and Writing Across the Disciplines; Introduction to the Essay; or Ithaca Seminar in Writing
  • Completion of additional writing courses beyond the 100-level, especially Argument, strongly preferred
  • Sophomore standing at time of appointment
  • Commitment to helping others become more effective writers
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Personal qualities conducive to one-on-one conferences, such as a friendly, approachable manner; patience; good listening abilities; and a sense of maturity and responsibility


The Writing Center is currently accepting applications through March 14th. Please check the student employment jobs database. All applications must be submitted through that system.

A completed application will include a detailed letter of intent (otherwise known as a cover letter or personal statement), a résumé, and two expository writing samples, at least one of which must be source-based and include citations. If you are conversational or fluent in a language other than English (including ASL), please make note in your resume (Special Skills section) and/or letter of intent. Applications from members of all underrepresented groups are encouraged. Applications must be submitted via the student employment system at ithaca.edu

The strongest candidates will be asked to complete a series of second-round written exercises. The strongest of the second-round candidates will be asked to schedule an interview, which is the last step in the hiring process.

New tutors are required to take WRTG 21800, a Block I, 1-credit Writing Center Pedagogy course, before or during their first semester of tutoring. The course is offered in fall semesters only.

For additional information, contact Center Director Professor Jaime Warburton at jwarburton@ithaca.edu