The Writing Center will offer synchronous video conferences until further notice.

In order to protect the health and safety of our staff and clients, we will be holding remote conferences only until further notice. Please visit our schedule at ithaca.mywconline.com in order to make an appointment and view our Quick Guide for more guidance. 

Conferences will be held using a combination of Google Docs and Zoom. While we prefer for clients and consultants to both have their cameras on, if there is a need to use audio and text only, we can support that. We will not be offering asynchronous feedback. During business hours (fall semester M-F 9-5 and Sun-Tr 7-10 PM), you can use Hangouts or email to chat with ithacacollegewritingcenter@gmail.com for additional assistance.  For more information, contact faculty director Prof. Jaime Warburton at jwarburton@ithaca.edu