Degree Requirements

Integrative Core Curriculum Grids

The grids/worksheets below can be used by students who entered Ithaca College under the Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) as one method of keeping track of ICC requirements. Individual departments and schools also provide excellent planning and summary sheets for the ICC. The School of Humanities & Sciences also offers additional information on the Complementary Liberal Arts component of the ICC.

Students are advised to track their academic progress through their degree evaluation available in Homer and maintained by the Office of the Registrar. Course descriptions are available online through the undergraduate catalog.

These grids are updated as additional Perspectives courses (creative arts, humanities, natural science, social science) and Attribute courses (quantitative literacy, writing intensive and diversity) are approved.


The following grid was updated 12/5/17.  All courses on the grid will be offered in Winter 2018.

IMPORTANT: HomerConnect is the final authority on course offerings.  Please consult HomerConnect to assist with course selection.

ICC Summary Grid for all Themes- Winter 2018


The following grids were updated 1/19/2018.  All courses on the grids will be offered in Spring 2018.

IMPORTANT: HomerConnect is the final authority on course offerings.  Please consult HomerConnect to assist with course selection.

NOTE: These grids are 2 pages and are meant to be printed two-sided.

ICC Summary Grid for all Themes

ICC grid for Identities Theme (TIDE)

ICC grid for Inquiry, Imagination and Innovation Theme (TIII)

ICC grid for Mind, Body, Spirit Theme (TMBS)

ICC grid for Power and Justice Theme (TPJ)

ICC grid for The Quest for a Sustainable Future Theme (TQSF)

ICC grid for A World of Systems Theme (TWOS)

ICC grid for Liberal Arts and Society Theme (Transfer Students only)