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Presentation Descriptions

Students, faculty, and staff can request presentations by clicking on Please note, additional presentations are available upon request.

This workshop features a series of activities and conversation prompts to encourage student discussions surrounding safer alcohol use, effects of alcohol, and taking action during an alcohol-related emergency.

Does nutrition really impact physical and emotional health? Yes! Come to this workshop to learn more about how food and nutrition directly impact health through ways such as energy, mood, and illness prevention. 

This workshop will unpack the racist history and language surrounding cannabis, as well as address inequities around cannabis use.

During this presentation, students will learn about and reflect on the multiple dimensions of wellness. Students will apply this information through identifying tangible ways to increase satisfaction with aspects of wellness and developing a wellness self-care plan. 

Through interactive activities and small group conversations, students will learn about the components and forms of cannabis, serving sizes, quality control, bystander interventions, and safer use.

During this workshop, students will participate in small group discussions and brainstorms to identify healthy stress coping mechanisms. Students will also develop several self-care plans and learn about stress management resources.  

In this workshop, you will learn about the practices and importance of mindful/intuitive eating. You will also participate in a mindful eating activity, and discuss strategies that you can incorporate into your life. 

During a Jeopardy-style game about self-care, you will work with other students to test your knowledge of self-care and wellness topics, including sleep, stress, physical activity, and time management.

This workshop is based on a new paradigm of sexuality, “pizza.” The discussion focuses on how to openly communicate about sex and sexuality, which in turn leads to healthy encounters, based on consent.

This fun-filled workshop gives students an opportunity to learn about sexuality, sexual health, sexual pleasure, communication, healthy relationships, responsible decision making, and tips for a safer experience as a student at IC.

This workshop will teach students the importance of sleep and various influences on sleep quality. Students will also learn the importance of avoiding sleep deprivation and gain knowledge about action they can take to improve their sleep.

Wellness Supplies

Wellness kits and supplies are free and available to Ithaca College students

Internal condoms, external condoms, oral dams, silicone-based lubricant and water-based lubricant are available at the entrance of the Center for Health Promotion and in the Wellness Resource Room. If you are looking for bulk supplies to distribute at an event or on-campus please contact us via email,

Each Quit Kit includes some tools and informational resources to help you get started on reducing or quitting smoking or vaping. Tools in the kits include several items to help curb cravings including; caffeinated tea, pack of gum, tootsie pop, fidget items (slinky, bracelet, bouncy ball, puzzle), and informational tools

Quit kits are available at the Center for Health Promotion front desk. If someone is interested in taking a break from Cannabis, there are also T-Break Guides available, these guides walk through 21 days of abstaining from cannabis use. 

Each Sleep Kit includes tools and resources to help improve your sleep including; ear plugs, decaffeinated tea, task sheets, sleep masks, and informational tools. 

Sleep kits are available at the Center for Health Promotion front desk.

Each kit includes tools for removing ticks and a tick identification card.

Tick kits are available at the Center for Health Promotion front desk.

Fentanyl and Xylazine testing strips are available and can be used to test substances for the presence of fentanyl or xylazine. We especially encourage individuals to test any pills or powders they are using.   

Testing Guide:…

Using Testing Strips Video: