In addition to staying well informed...

"As humans, we are social creatures. We wear that need and desire to be connected differently but we all have it. Through this time of adjustment, uncertainty, and frustration, physical distancing can be done without completely sacrificing that need to be social, engaged. Also, it's ok to explore some escapism whether it's reading books, listening to podcasts, doing some Netflix binging (The Office!), journaling, yoga, or whatever you choose to do with your means to do so.

One thing that has kept me going so far is the shared sense of humor across the globe I see when I open my Instagram app, particularly by folks and communities of color. The memes from my friends that are teaching their children from home and the journal entry-like stories that actually make me laugh give me a little joy and fuel to continue to power through, be ok, and be the resource I need to be for our Ithaca College community. "

RahK Lash | Director, Center for IDEAS


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