The Seniors of Color Leadership Awards

Each year during commencement weekend, the Center for IDEAS honors the graduating students of color and holds the Seniors of Color Leadership Awards ceremony; there are 5 prestigious award categories based on involvement, academic excellence, and service.


Each awardee receives a kente cloth patterned graduation stole, fashioned and designated to the specific award. 

All stoles:  Each kente cloth graduation stole features the same two designs: a woven symbol and stripes, binding our community in purpose and tradition.   

  • Nea Onnim No Sua A Ohu: A symbolizing "lifelong learning and knowledge".  We celebrate the incredible journeys of our IC graduates and rejoice in knowing this is not the end.  The skills they've developed, the memories they've created, and the connections they've built are a launching point.

  • Green, Yellow, and Red Stripes: These stripes remind us that kente is a tradition we draw upon from Ghana, as Ghana's flag is also red, yellow, and green.  Kente cloth is the weaving of royalty and is worn for important and sacred ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, and worship.  Learn more about this history here.