The Chung/Thorpe Leadership Award

Presented to students who have increased the profile of the community of color through continued participation in leadership roles throughout their Ithaca College experience.

Our Namesakes: Mary Chung-Hayashi and Jim Thorpe

Mary Chung-Hayashi (born Chung Mi Kyun) has been named one of the top feminist leaders for the 21st Century. At 26 she created the National Asian Women’s Health Organization, the first national organization devoted to Asian and Pacific Islander women in the U.S.. Mrs. Chung-Hayashi also is a former assemblywoman for the California State Legislature. 

Jim Thorpe (whose Sac and Fox name was Wa-Tho-Huk) is considered one of the most versatile athletes of modern sports.  He won Olympic Gold Medals in the newly formed decathlon and pentathlon events at the 1912 Stockholm summer games.  Additionally, he was the 1st National Football League president.

Being a leader of color on campus doesn't mean I don't struggle with feelings of inferiority, but it means that I must be unafraid of taking up space in spaces not designed for me.

Annis Bell | Chung/Thorpe Awardee

On predominantly white campuses, Black and Brown people often feel that their existence is not acknowledged, respected or even wanted. Therefore, having a space to connect and care for each other requires good leadership and teamwork.

Mollie McKinney | Chung/Thorpe Awardee