Know How

The trans person's guide to get or change all of the life documents and essential paperwork you'll need to make your way in the world.
file-outline Know How Guide PDF - Know How With Links.pdf (1.12 MB)

This handy booklet is chock-full of specific steps and how-to's to help people manage the process of changing names, gender markers, and identity documents from driver's licenses to passports. You may want to make some of these changes, all of them, or none. There is no one path to take. You will have to think about how or which parts work best for you, and also think through the possible benefits and complications each step might create for you.

file-outline Know How Guide Spreadsheet - Know How Excel.xlsx (16.29 KB)

We have created a spreadsheet for you to use while you navigate the name change process! We know there can be a lot of steps and it can get overwhelming but hopefully this will help! Download this sheet to your device and then use it as much or as little as you want.