2021 Presidential Medal Recipient

Eileen Filler Corn '86 was honored for contributions that better the Ithaca College community and our world.

Eileen Filler-Corn receives the presidential medal

Thank you so very much. It’s an honor, what an honor it is. Thank you to the entire community for your friendship, for your support, not only during my time here as a student, but during past decades as well. 

The theme of today’s ceremony, “Ithaca Forever”, it’s one that I think has particular significance in this moment of time. 

Our world has never changed faster, and that pace of change is only increasing in speed. While our culture and our institutions change around us, the values instilled in me on this campus, by this community, truly remain the same.  

The values of service, selflessness and the desire to impact the world for good have been the touchstones for my public and private life. 

"Today is a day of change for all of you seated here, and as you leave this campus and enter a world shedding the dark cloud of the past year, I hope you will let those values guide you as well. "

As you find your next adventures and embrace new challenges, you can be confident in the foundation that you have built for yourselves here at IC.  

And while we may all go our separate ways today let there be no doubt about it, all of us here remain “Ithaca forever.”