Parking & Shuttles

Guests value details such as shuttle service and reserved parking.

When planning an event at Ithaca College, we will work with our vehicle fleet, as well as local shuttle companies, to ensure that the shuttle service you may need around campus for the convenience of your guests.

Our Services

  • Manage shuttle logistics
  • Ensure ample and appropriate event parking  

Parking Considerations

Both Ithaca College and the city of Ithaca boast an array of versatile meeting facilities, lodging, restaurants, entertainment and cultural experiences. That means visitors can experience the normal parking and travel challenges that come with hosting an event in the area. We'll work to ensure your guests have convenient parking or plenty of parking options. 


If you have any questions about holding an event or conference on campus, please e-mail the Conference and Event Services office.

The Office of Conference and Event Services is open Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, which is located in the Campus Center/Phillips Hall, just behind the Information Desk.