Emergency Readiness and Response Planning

Ithaca College is committed to supporting the safety and welfare of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The college maintains an emergency response plan that was developed in accordance with appropriate laws, regulations and policies that govern crisis/emergency preparedness.

The Emergency Response Plan is referenced whenever a natural or induced situation occurs that threatens the safety or reputation of the college, its students, faculty, or staff. The Plan is designed to maximize human survival and preservation of property, minimize danger, restore normal operations of the College, and assure responsive communications with the community. 

The College Emergency Response Team regularly updates the Emergency Response Plan, executes crisis simulations to improve response times and strategies, and evaluates best practices in the field.

The plan follows the National Incident Management System guidelines created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and is flexible to accommodate situations of all types, magnitudes, and duration including but not limited to:

It is strongly recommended that all Ithaca College students, faculty, and staff sign-up for the college’s Emergency Notification System to receive time-sensitive information and directions during emergencies. 

Visitors to campus may be alerted to campus incidents or emergencies by the Outdoor Warning System. Additionally, the college’s homepage at www.ithaca.edu will always be updated with any pertinent information. 

Download a copy of the Emergency Response Guide (PDF) that explains what to do in an emergency.

Immediately report any dangerous situations to the Ithaca College Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management by dialing 911 from any campus phone or 607-274-3333 from any other phone.