Safety at Other IC Locations

Ithaca College currently maintains academic programs in locations including Los Angeles and London. The college’s Emergency Response Plan accounts for each location. 

In the event of an emergency at one of these academic program locations, students, faculty, and staff should monitor local media and follow the guidance of local law enforcement or other emergency responders. The college will coordinate with program administrators in these programs to provide support and to assist with identifying appropriate safety and security measures, whether before, during or following an emergency, and to the extent possible. Program administrators at these locations are required to notify the main campus of various circumstances, hazards or risks that pose a threat to student or staff safety and security.

Supervisors and administrators at each program location maintain emergency contact information for all participating students and provide tips and training for emergency situations; this typically occurs during student orientation. Students are also provided contact information to communicate with program supervisors, local hospitals, and (if applicable) the Consulate or U.S. Embassy.