The college will provide information to members of the campus community about the serious nature of the epidemic threat, educate the campus community about the epidemic plan and every member’s potential role in responding to the crisis, inform campus community members about ongoing health mitigation measures (flu shots, use of hand sanitizers, e.g.), and provide timely and effective information during an epidemic with the goal to help reduce illness, save lives, and maintain essential operations.

Communication methods may include alerts and updates on the college’s web sites, news stories and advisories on Intercom, use of the Emergency Notification System (ENS), alerts and updates on Ithaca College-related social media sites, recorded messages on the College’s Emergency Hotline (607-274-1495) and Campus Center Information Desk (607-274-3313), news releases to the media, and the creation and distribution of printed and electronic materials as appropriate.

The communications plan for an epidemic will follow the principles and guidelines as established by the College Emergency Response Team (CERT) and published in the Ithaca College Emergency Response Plan. The Office of Marketing Communications will have primary responsibility for developing and disseminating information to internal and external audiences. Marketing Communications will work with other offices as necessary and appropriate to accomplish these tasks.