Healthcare Needs

All available resources will be utilized to meet the outpatient health care needs of students and, as possible and appropriate, of the larger Ithaca College community (faculty and staff) during an epidemic. The Hammond Health Center will have the primary role of:

  • Establishing protocols to provide medical care -- within its capabilities -- to students
  • Ensuring adequate staffing to fulfill its responsibilities
  • Providing outpatient care to ill students
  • Establishing protocols to ensure on-campus infection control
  • Distributing and administrating vaccines and chemoprophylaxis to students
  • Coordinating student inpatient medical care with outside health care facilities
  • Advising the College Emergency Response Team (CERT) about the public health dimensions of the epidemic
  • Being the liason with gonvermental health authorities

As directed by CERT with input from local and state officials, Hammond Health Center will also:

  • Assume responsibility for the health care needs of college staff and/or the larger community when possible
  • Stockpile emergency equipment and supplies, including vaccines and medications
  • Administer other on-campus emergency-level medical care as may be deemed necessary
  • Work with other departments or agencies to care for the remains of any deceased