Managing Expectations
  • You are NOT expected to use every tool on this website with every student!  

  • Some models, questions and strategies will be more authentic to your teaching practice than others. Take what you need and leave the rest. They are here when you need them.  

  • Remember that while we can offer invaluable support to the students we advise, there are limits to what we can and should do.  Always direct your students to mental health services when you feel a student may need professional counseling or help. Please share your concerns by filing an ICare referral. 

Important Messages from the Registrar

  • Students in H & S, Recreation Leisure Studies, Pre-Health Professions, and current first year students in the School of Business are required to meet with their advisor to receive their registration access code (RAC). Students in the above populations must have this code in order to register. The only way for a student to obtain this code is to make an advising appointment with their advisor. Additional information can be found at
  • Students follow the requirements of the catalog year in which they entered IC or declared their major. Be aware of this if your department has changed the requirements for the major. 
  • There is no longer a capacity override or an email approval to get a seat in a class. The waitlist feature in HomerConnect is the only option. In cases where a student needs to take the class that semester in order to graduate, students can speak with their Dean's Office, who can determine if the course really is necessary and set up a capacity override.
  • If you commit to a student that you are going to submit a course waiver substitution please submit it in IC Workflow for your chair to approve. Students are not able to submit these themselves and are dependent on faculty to do so. 

Using this Site


The subpages of this site contain practical information to guide you through the advising process in addition to providing answers to questions and resources for you and your students.


Find the resources you need at the IC Resources page.

Questions About Advising?

Reach out to your school Academic Services Coordinator.

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Corrections or Suggestions?

If you notice any information that is incorrect or have suggestions for improving the site, please contact the Center for Student Success and Retention at