Registrar's Pro Tips for Faculty Advisors

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  1. Students in H & S, Recreation Leisure Studies, Pre-Health Professions , and current first year students in the School of Business are required to meet with their advisor to receive their RAC which will be available to advisors October 30th by noon. It is critical that you meet with your advisees in this remote semester year and resist pressure to give them the code based on email alone.  
  2. Students follow the requirements of the catalog year in which they entered IC or declared their major. Be aware of this if your department has changed the requirements for the major.  
  3. Remind students to review their own record periodically and to raise questions if/when they see something questionable.  
  4. DegreeWorks is the academic record. If you or the student think something is an error, please email mydegree@ithaca.edu so we can investigate.  
  5. Ensure students are on target to graduate in 4 years. They should be completing 30 credits a year. If not, counsel them on how to make up credits.   
  6. Are graduation dates on DegreeWorks correct? If not encourage students to update them with the Change of Expected Graduation Date at https://www.ithaca.edu/academics/registrar/forms/student-forms 
  7. Use the DegreeWorks “Note” tool to record student action items and ensure you and the advisee are on the same page. (See samples below)  
  8. For help advising on the Integrative Core Curriculum please refer students to the Academic Advising Center or consult these links for help: https://www.ithaca.edu/academic-advising-center/frequently-asked-questions/integrative-core-curriculum-icc 
  9. There is no longer a capacity override or an email approval to get a seat in a class. The waitlist feature in HomerConnect is the only option. The “Capacity Override Exceptional Request” is a petition for students who will not otherwise be able to graduate. These cases are literally exceptional.  
  10. If you commit to a student that you are going to submit a course waiver substitution please submit it in IC Workload for your chair to approve. Students are not able to submit these themselves and are dependent on faculty to do so.