Ali Erkan

Associate Professor and Chair, Computer Science
Phone: 607-274-1764
Office: Williams Hall 401C, Ithaca, NY 14850
Specialty: Computer networks, algorithms.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” -- Mahatma Gandhi

"Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education." -- Franklin D. Roosevelt

"In a way, it seems like the cruelest joke in existence has been played on us. We became self-aware only to realize this story is not about us." -- Kurzgesagt

Fall 2022:

  • COMP-375: Database systems

Spring 2017:

Fall 2016:

Fall 2011-Spring 2012:

  • Fulbright Fellow in Istanbul, Türkiye.

Spring 2010:

  • COMP-311: Algorithms and Data Structures [QUOTES]
  • COMP-210: Computer Organization [QUOTES]
  • COMP-190: Introduction to Computation With Matlab [QUOTES]

Fall 2009:

  • COMP-190: Geographic Information Systems
  • COMP-220: Data Structures [QUOTES]
  • COMP-365: Computer Networks

Publications with Undergraduates (names in bold):

  • Exposure to Research Through Replication of Research: A Case in Complex Networks. Ali Erkan, Sam Newmark, and Nicolas Ommen. ITICSE 2009, Paris, France.
  • An Image Background Detection Project For A Visual Exploration of DFS and BFS. Ali Erkan and Diyan Gochev. SIGCSE 2008, Portland, Oregon.
  • Data Structure Visualization with LaTeX and Prefuse. Ali Erkan, T.J. VanSlyke, and Tim Scaffidi. ITICSE 2007, Dundee, Scotland.
  • Integration of OPNET Modeler with external Development Tools in Linux/ Solaris. Ali Erkan and Sigurd Teigen. OPNETWORK, August 2006, Washington DC.
  • A Simulation Based Study of the Allen-Cunneen Approximation in Queuing Networks with non-Markovian Traffic Sources. Ali Erkan and Joshua Hudner. OPNETWORK, August 2003, Washington DC.
  • Deterministic Media Access and Bandwidth Allocation for Periodic Streams. Ali Erkan and Zac Rider. OPNETWORK, August 2003, Washington DC.

Saving the Helpless Invertebrates of Topsoil:

  • This is a society dedicated to saving at least a few of the earthworms we see stranded on the sidewalks, roads, etc, after it rains. Earthworms are very useful animals. Membership is automatically granted for anyone who saves an earthworm; please communicate your good deed to Ali with an email (our reporting is based on an honor-code). All memberships expire at the end of the current semester to encourage members saving multiple worms.
  • Members: Metin Erkan (AKA Babam ANA Dede), Griffin Nichols, Michael Smith, Isaiah Smith (the one on the left), Sima Etaner-Uyar, Rebecca Shapley.