Andrew Torelli

Andrew Torelli

Associate Professor and Chair, Chemistry
Phone: 607-274-3576
Office: 365 Center for Natural Sciences


My interests in teaching and research overlap heavily and span several areas that have attracted students preparing for graduate or medical schools, students who are themselves interested in become chemistry educators, and also students interested in environmental issues such as water quality surveillance.

Research overlaps in the Torelli Lab

Venn diagram indicating the various fields relied upon in the 3 active research project areas in the Torelli Lab.

There are three student-driven projects in the Torelli Lab. Project 1 involves characterizing select bacterial proteins using complementary methods in order to understand their function, including several recent target proteins from disease-causing pathogens. Project 2 centers on establishing new uses for novel technologies in chemistry education and has been funded by two grants from the National Science Foundation. Project 3 is focused on developing tools to improve reliable data collection for Citizen Scientists working on environmental surveillance initiatives. 

Undergraduate student research opportunities

There are multiple student research opportunities in my lab. If you share some of the same interests, please reach out! I am happy to chat about opportunities in my lab that could fit your goals! 

Andrew T. Torelli's Google Scholar Profile

Latest publications from the Torelli Lab including several recent Ithaca College student co-authors!