Craig Duncan

Professor and Chair, Legal Studies Coordinator, Philosophy and Religion


Courses Taught

Philosophy 101 -- Introduction to Philosophy

Philosophy 212 -- Introduction to Ethics

Philosophy 220 -- Introduction to Political Philosophy

Philosophy 230 -- Bioethics

Philosophy 250 -- Environmental Ethics

Philosophy 260 -- Difference and Community

Philosophy 265 -- Philosophical Issues in the Law

Philosophy 311 -- The Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy 340 -- Global Ethics

Philosophy 352 -- Moral Philosophy

Philosophy 375 -- Selected Topics: Philosophical Issues of War and Terrorism

Philosophy 375 -- Selected Topics: Freedom, Equality, and Democracy

Philosophy 376 -- Selected Topics: Philosophical Issues of Race and Gender

Ithaca College First Year Seminar -- The Philosophy and Practice of Human Rights

Ithaca College First Year Seminar -- The Nature of the Self (East and West)

Ithaca College Honors Program -- The Rule of Rules: Rules in Life, Law, and Morality

Ithaca College London Center -- Eccentrics, Explorers, and Reformers: The Victorian Intellectual Scene

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