Christopher House

Associate Professor, Philosophy and Religion
Phone: 607-274-3216
Specialty: Black Pentecostal Rhetoric & Social Action, Critical Rhetoric, Race & Religion; African American Rhetoric; Rhetorical Theology; Digital Media Studies; Black Church Studies

Dr. Christopher A. House (Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh) is associate professor of Communication Studies and affiliate faculty in Culture and Communication and Martin Luther King Scholar program.
 His research interests are in Black pentecostal rhetoric & social action, rhetorical theology, critical media & digital studies, communication, culture & race, Black church studies, African American rhetoric and rhetorical theology.  

As a Ronald E. McNair Scholar, Syracuse University Fellow, and K. Leroy Irvis Fellow, he has received several national awards and honors. His scholarship has been published in Journal of Communication and Religion (2018), Southern Journal of Communication (2018), Journal of Contemporary Rhetoric (2017), International Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods (2016), Journal of Race & Public Policy (2014), International Journal of Communication (2013) and Memphis Theological Seminary Journal (2012). His current manuscript, Living Witnesses: The Holy Spirit, Social Justice, Black Pentecostal and What we all can learn from Them is expected to be published early 2021.

Beyond the classroom, Dr. House is also a man of faith and currently serves as the pastor of Christian Community Church Ithaca and he is an accomplished motivational & inspirational speaker, and lecturer for several religious, non-profit and community organizations in the United States, the Caribbean, Canada, and in several African countries. In addition to his academic, professional, and ecclesiastical responsibilities, he enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Dr. House has and/or will teach the following courses:

·      Public Communication

·      Rhetoric of the Black Church

·      Rhetoric of HIV/AIDS

·      The Rhetoric of Religion

·      Introduction to Culture and Communication

·      Modern and Contemporary Theories of Rhetoric

·      The Rhetoric of The Simpsons

·      U.S. Civil Rights Seminar

.      African American Rhetoric

.      Communication, Culture and Rhetoric