Culture and Communication

Culture and Communication is a unique critical-studies degree program that makes connections between two areas of inquiry: the study of how culture informs and shapes all aspects of communication, and its corollary area of investigation -- how communication is the process through which culture is created, modified, and challenged.

To explore these dynamic relationships, students consider culture and communication from a variety of intellectual perspectives across schools and divisions at the College. Majors complete six core courses and one foundation course for each area of inquiry, satisfy the requirements for a minor in a complementary field, achieve foreign language proficiency, and complete the full requirements for one of four areas of inquiry. Majors build an interdisciplinary intellectual framework that forges connections between the study of culture and the diversity of communication forms, practices, and organizations.

A degree in culture and communication provides excellent preparation for graduate school, whether law school, advanced degrees in business, or masters and doctoral programs in a range of critical studies areas.

Moreover, as the largest U.S. export, the information/entertainment/cultural sector is not only global, but is trans-industrial, trans-disciplinary, and constantly changing and adapting. It includes the profit and the non-profit organizations. With a degree in culture and communication, you are enormously prepared for a wide range of opportunities and to navigate a career with agility. You will also be adapted to this new international communication environment as a film producer or programmer; as an advertising, public relations, or media relations specialist; or as a grant writer, fund-raiser, or political campaign specialist -- just to name a few examples.

And remember, this degree focuses on jobs of the future, not of the past, so there's no telling what your title might be in 15, 10, or even just 5 years! Jobs of the future require analytical thinking, excellent research and writing skills, and a talent for crossing all kinds of borders, whether they be industries, nations, media, ideas, or organizations. That's the most important experience you'll get as a culture and communication major.




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