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Ed Catto routinely leads & moderates panels showcasing pop-culture's entrepreneurs

Ed Catto Leads a Panel of Hidden Entrepreneurs Exploring New Ways To Build an Audience

Beaten to a Pulp panel showcased at WonderCon@Home convention
The days of fiction writers just turning in a completed manuscript and sitting back while the publisher markets the book are look are long gone. Today’s authors have become Hidden Entrepreneurs, actively finding, developing and managing new ways to reach and connect with audiences.

Ed Catto routinely explores the paths of non-traditional entrepreneurs in his Hidden Entrepreneur classes at Ithaca College.  Now, as part of WonderCon, the annual Los Angeles based convention, Catto will lead a panel of top authors to discover the surprising new strategies and tactics they employ to reach their customers -the readers.

Authors Alex Segura (Miami Midnight, Poe Dameron: Free Fall), Alison Gaylin (Never Look Back, Normandy Gold), and J. C. Vaughn (Second Wednesday, McCandless & Co.). will be revealing, and debating, the best ways to build audiences in their chosen niche – crime fiction.

This panel, Beaten to a Pulp: The Surprising New Ways to Reach an Audience for Crime Fiction is available here: https://youtu.be/IMUVBD6Yym4

“Like all entrepreneurs, these authors are finding new ways to shake up existing systems and new solutions to fit the needs of today,” said Catto. “We will seek to understand the way these authors are redefining the playbook for themselves and for that next wave of publishing Hidden Entrepreneurs.”

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