Edward Catto

Instructor, Management
School: School of Business


Pirates! A Treasure of Comics to Plunder, ARRR!

Vintage stories, covers & art from Howard Pyle to pre-code comics. by Ed Catto & Craig Yoe.  Featuring art by Frazetta, Crandall, Ingels, Krigstein, Robert Webb et al. A collection of vintage swashbuckling stories, cool covers and special artwork. Includes material from pre-code titles like Pirates, Mutiny,Black Swan and Buccaneers. By Frazetta we have a classic Dan Brand & Tipi story from Durango Kid; the nearly unknown but superb artist Mike Suchorsky draws the wonderful “The Sea Witch,” from Pirates #1, from 1950; Black Roger is here from Quality’s Buccaneers, and so is a great Reed Crandall Captain Daring story and a classic cover. Clover Press, 2020.  Highly Recommended by Bud Plant.

War Is Hell by Ed Catto - Back Issue #127, June 2021

Historian Ed Catto takes a deep dive into this 1970s Marvel Comics Series exploring the origins, accomplishments and unrealized potential of this innovative series.