Linda Heyne

Professor Emerita, Recreation and Leisure Studies

Selected Publications

  • Anderson, L., & Heyne, L. (2000). A statewide needs assessment using focus groups: Perceived challenges and goals in providing inclusive recreation services in rural communities. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 18(4), 17-37.
  • Arnold, M., Heyne, L., & Busser, J. (2005). Problem solving: Tools and techniques for the park and recreation administrator (4th ed.). Champaign, IL: Sagamore Publishing.
  • Heyne, L. (2003). Foreword. In L. Anderson & C. Kress (Authors), Inclusion: Strategies for including people with disabilities in park and recreation opportunities. State College, PA: Venture Publishing.
  • Heyne, L.A. (2003). Solving organizational barriers to inclusion using education, creativity, and teamwork. IMPACT, 16(2), 16-17.
  • Heyne, L., & Anderson, L. (2004). Therapeutic recreation in the schools: An underutilized service. TASH Connections, 30(5/6), 12-16.
  • Heyne, L.A., Schleien, S.J., & McAvoy, L.H. (2003). Ideas for encouraging children’s friendships through recreation. IMPACT, 16(2), 10-11, 34.