Matthew Klemm

Associate Professor, History
Phone: 607-274-1306
Office: Muller Faculty Center 405, Ithaca, NY 14850
Speciality: Medieval and Ancient History, Medieval Intellectual History, History of Science and Medicine

I teach a variety of courses in ancient Mediterranean and medieval European history.  I am also the coordinator of the Classical Studies minor program and the faculty adviser to the Women's and Men's Ultimate (Frisbee) Clubs -- a sport that I have played for more than 20 years. 


  • Before Europe (100)
  • Ithaca Seminar: Thinking with Animals in the Middle Ages (100)
  • Medieval Civilization (200)
  • Medicine and Magic in the Middle Ages (200)
  • The Ancient World: Greece and Rome (200)
  • Early Science and Medicine in the West (200)
  • Monks, Heretics, and Scholars (300)
  • Ancient Greece (300)
  • Seminar: Medieval Heresy
  • Seminar: Renaissance of the Twelfth Century
  • Seminar: The Conversion of Rome
  • Lucretius, De rerum natura [On the Nature of Things] (1-credit Honors seminar) 

My research focuses on the intersections of medicine, philosophy, theology, and natural philosophy (or "science") in the later Middle Ages and early Renaissance. I am especially interested in changing conceptions of the relationship between body, soul, and mind, and of human nature as a whole. I am also interested in thought about animals and comparisons between animals and humans.

I will conduct fall office hours through my zoom room, here

I'll be there Wednesdays, 10-noon and Fridays, noon-2. Just click on the link to "knock"