Timothy Nord

Retired Associate Professor, Music Theory, History Composition


The Music Technology Curriculum was developed in 1999 as part of a multi-million dollar expansion of the music facility. The goal was to create a curriculum that would support and strengthen all areas of study. With that goal in mind, four courses were developed to meet the needs of our music students.

Introduction to Computer Technology for Musicians (MUMC-10300)-- ICTM is a required course for most entering freshman in the Music School. The course is designed to introduce technology concepts and skills that may be useful both in a students course of study at Ithaca College and in their chosen discipline upon graduation. Different units explore web-based materials, digital audio, MIDI, and music notation. This course is offered both Fall and Spring Semesters for music majors.

Computer Technology in Music Education (MUMC-40300)-- Students entering the field of Music Education will find technology skills particularly useful as they prepare for a teaching career. This course offers students the opportunity to explore many of the technology tools available to them in education. Through the use of our extensive library, students can experiment with and evaluative current CAI materials. The course also offers students the chance to develop web-based materials for their music program in both instructional and informational formats. The focus is on helping students find and/or create resources and tools that may be useful in their teaching careers. This is a block course offered blocks 1, and 3 specifically for Music Education majors (pre-requisite: MUMC-10300, Junior Student Teaching).

Interactive Multimedia Design for Musicians (MUMC-40400) -- This advanced course is designed for music majors who want to explore the more advanced skills involved in creating their own interactive materials. Specifically focussing on sound resources, this course uses Director or other development platforms to create both web-based and standalone applications. The emphasis is placed on interactions using audio CD's and MIDI, the goal being not only to access playback and record capabilities, but to use these sound resources as controlling elements for other actions and interactions as well. This course is offered both Fall and Spring Semesters for all music majors (pre-requisite: MUMC-10300, MUTH-33100, MUTH-33200).

Special Topics in Music Education - Computer Technology (MUED-69900) -- This is an advanced course designed for teachers working on a Masters Degree during the Graduate Summer Music Session.  Primary topics for the course include an evaluation of various CAI materials, basic web design, and presentation software.  Through these topics, we focus on access to various resources in each area as well as the creation of resources that may be useful to both teachers and students.  These may include digital audio, digital video, and podcasting along with other current technologies.

Any questions regarding courses in electroacoustic music or the Sound Recording Degree Program should be directed to Prof. Alex Perialas.