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Priya Sirohi

Assistant Professor and Writing Center Director, Writing
School: School of Humanities and Sciences
Phone: 607-274-3567
Office: Smiddy Hall 407, Ithaca, NY 14850
Specialty: Colonialism/Postcolonialism, Rhetorical Theory & History, Public Rhetoric, Digital Literacy, Argument, Globalization,

Assistant Professor of Writing & Director of the Writing Center

Dr. Priya Sirohi is an Assistant Professor of Writing in the Department of Writing. She teaches Argument, Writing for the Workplace, Academic Writing, and Proposal & Grant Writing. As of Fall 2022, she is the Writing Center Director, and will also be teaching Writing Center Pedagogy. She previously taught both First-Year Writing and Professional Writing for seven years as a graduate TA at Purdue. Her teaching places a strong emphasis on public and cultural rhetoric in addition to digital technology, research literacy, and anti-racist pedagogy.

She is a South Asian-American scholar of Rhetoric & Composition. Her research conducts case studies of the seventeenth- century encounters between the English East India Company and Mughal India, drawing form archival texts at the British Library, London, to illuminate the rhetorics of Early Modern economics that continue to define contemporary globalization. Her doctorate is from Purdue University with secondary concentrations in Public Rhetoric and Cultural Rhetoric.

file-outline Academic Writing 2024 Syllabus - academic-writing-spring-2023-syllabus.pdf (407.74 KB)
file-outline Writing Center Pedagogy Syllabus - writing-center-pedagogy-syllabus-fall-2023.docx.pdf (204.5 KB)
file-outline Writing for the Workplace Syllabus - spring-2024-writing-for-the-workplace-syllabus-2-1.pdf (390.79 KB)