William Tastle

Retired Professor, Management


Honors & Awards

2011 International Scholar, IULM University, Milan, Italy.

Distinguished Paper Award, 2010, North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society Conference, Toronto, Canada, “Measurement theory and subsethood,” with Mark Wierman, ISBN 978-1-4244-7858-6.

Distinguished Paper Award, 2010 Information Systems Education Conference, “Measuring Faculty Instructional Performance,” published in the Information Systems Education Journal.

Elected to Fellow of the Association for Information Technology Professionals, 2009.

Appointed to Research Fellow of the Semeion Research Center, Rome, Italy, 2009.

Elected Senior Member, ACM, 2009.

Distinguished Paper, 2009 Information Systems Education Conference, Washington, DC, November 2009.  Title:  "Measuring Faculty Instructional Performance."

Elected Senior Member, IEEE, 2008.

Meritorious Paper, 2004 Information Systems Education Conference, Newport, RI, November 2004. Title: "A New Tool in IS Management: Geographic Information Systems," with Boasson, E. and Boasson, V.

Best Paper of the Conference, 1996 Information Systems Education Conference, St. Louis, October 18-20. Title: "Globalization Issues in Information Systems Education: Toward a Collaborative Multischool Systems Analysis Experience."

Best Theory Paper of the Conference, 17th Annual North American Conference, International Bujsiness Schools Computers Users Group, Hershey, Pennsylvania, July 25, 1989. Title: "The Importance of Formalized Modeling Concepts in Spreadsheet Design."