New Conversation Starters

A great conversation starts with great questions. Read through these alternatives to the tired questions college students so often hear:

Questions College Students Often Hear on Repeat:  Instead, try: 
What classes are you taking? What has been your favorite class project, paper, or performance?
When are you going to pick a major? What new classes have you explored recently? Which do you like most?
What are you going to do with that major? Tell me more about what you study as part of X major or Y minor...
How is school? / How are classes going? What have you learned about yourself this semester?
How are your grades? / What is your GPA? What are you involved with outside of class? What do you learn from those experiences?
Do you like your professors?  Is there a professor you've really clicked with at school? Why / why not?
Do you like your roommate? / Do you have a good roommate? Are you a good roommate? Why / why not?